Vintage 80's Pullover Fiorelle" Raro Fullprint Astratto ColoreBloccato Maglione Natale Speciale Babbo Natale Felpa Awesome Vintage Fiorelle

Vintage anni '80
Dimensione: M US (Lettere)
Taglia: m us (lettere)

Vintage 80"S Pullover Fiorelle" Rare Fullprint Abstract ColorBlock Sweater Christmas Special Santa Claus Sweatshirt Awesome Vintage Fiorelle"Sport Sponge Pullover Sweatshirt Size M


▪ Taglia M (controllare le misure di seguito)
▪ Larghezza 22 inch
▪ Lunghezza 28 inch
▪ Fiorelle Sport Tag

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5.0 of 5 bubbles 626 reviews
Very good

Mary K.
9 contributions
4.51 of 5 bubbles
This is my wife's account: We had wine, water and entrees. My wife is vegan and they were very accommodating. She had the hibiscus enchiladas. Yum. I had the deer mole. So good. The wait staff was attentive and friendly.
January 29 , 2024

Ilse G.
8 contributions
4.42 of 5 bubbles
I've been eating here for the first time last week and will definitely recommend this place! The food is of high standard and above my expectations. Water is served in a green bottle which makes it look very fancy. The staff is very friendly and helpful. When I asked about their wine assortment, our waitress told us about the different wines and which one she would recommend for me. I could even taste the wine before deciding to take it or not! Their menu is surprising, they have a lot of 'different' sorts of meals which makes eating here a very unique and relaxed experience. The bread they served was home-baked and absolutely delicious! The building looks modern and light, and I heard there is also an art gallery inside - which I unfortunately didn't get the chance to see. I will definitely come back here more often!
July 14 , 2023

Bram V.
18 contributions
4.76 of 5 bubbles
Great pizza, can recommend the Buffalo Fresca. Really quick and friendly service for an affordable price in Vienna. Staff was wonderful as well. The panna cotta is also worth the money!
September 20 , 2022

Kyle J.
23 contributions
4.05 of 5 bubbles
A nice pub, with live music on most nights. They also showed the Champions league game on the night we were there. It is slightly touristy because it's advertised as the oldest pub in Dublin. The food is a little expensive but good, I got bangers and mash and enjoyed it. If the prices were better I'd probably give 5 stars
March 14 , 2022

Keren A.
7 contributions
4.63 of 5 bubbles
Amazing dining experience. Loved the feel of the restaurant, staff and food. Would highly recommend.
September 26 , 2021

Cristina M.
3 contributions
4.22 of 5 bubbles
Love!!! So happy to find a metal bar in Paris that plays music we love! Great happy hour specials and even made some friends!! Can't wait to go back tomorrow!!
July 19 , 2021

Mathew L.
17 contributions
4.11 of 5 bubbles
This is a pleasant terrace to stop for a drink and a snack, with nice shade and a refreshing breeze. The seating is actually in front of the pizza joint, but is served by Pepe's, just across the street (which, as an aside, seems to be a common thing in Madrid... you sit down at a table in front of a cafe, and end up being served from some other one! ). Our drinks, a coffee and a tinto de verano, were prompt and good. They were accompanied by blue potato chips. At this point, you're probably thinking why in hell would anyone want blue potato chips and what did they do to turn them blue?!? But they're firstly, tasty and secondly, an entirely normal variety of potatoes. Go on, try them!! The Plaza itself is a great spot for some people watching, and that would be my preference for seating, but I'm told they have some nice little window seats inside the bar too.
June 07 , 2021

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